Reconditioning of a turbocharger

Turbo’s Hoet is reconditioning all sorts of turbochargers, with the exception of variable geometry turbochargers. The reconditioning takes place in our advanced workplaces. In the video you can see which steps we follow during the reconditioning process in the workplace.

The reconditioning process consists of the following steps, which we will be describing for you step by step:

  • cleaning
  • surface treatment
  • check-up
  • balancing


Before the shaft and wheel can be assembled inside the turbocharger, it has to be checked on straightness. Turbo’s Hoet is using a specially designed tool for this. We also check that the shaft is not worn out at the bearing settings. After the balancing, the axial and radial clearance is checked with manufacturer data, and the turbocharger can be finished. Finally, the actuator is adjusted according to the specifications of the manufacturer.