Turbo Techniques

A turbocharger is an extraordinary piece of work, about which we would like to tell you something more. Every engine provides a certain power. In an internal combustion engine, this power can be obtained thanks to a combination of fuel, oxygen and the ignition temperature. By changing any of these three elements, the power of the engine can change. If more power is needed, one should have more fuel and oxygen, which leads to a larger cylinder capacity that makes the engine heavier, larger and more expensive. This is not really desirable considering the severe demands of emission, the higher fuel consumption of a larger cylinder capacity and the higher costs in production. A turbocharger can offer you the solution to this problem.

Problem Analysis

The turbocharger problem analysis can help you determine a turbocharger problem. When having turbocharger problems, it is essential that you think of the turbo as a part of the complete engine. There could be more at stake than you might think at first. By going through the turbocharger problem analysis step by step, there is a great chance that you can discover the real problem.


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