Turbocharger : distributor

  • Close cooperation
  • Always the right knowledge and support
  • Optimal mounting

Technical knowledge and support

TH Turbo is a distributor for all big turbocharger manufacturers such as Borgwarner, Mitsubishi, Holset, IHI and Bosch Mahle TurboSystems.  We work closely together with these manufacturers. That's why we always have state-of-the-art technical knowledge and we are informed about of the latest modifications.

Advice in case of technical issues 

The turbocharger is becoming an increasingly important part of the engine management.  This interplay leads to a complex technology and failure of the turbocharger is often the result of another malfunction.  On top of the technical information provided to us by the manufacturers, we have a wealth of experience  due to our many years of revising turbochargers in our own workshops.  We are happy to translate this knowledge into advice for our customers when they face technical problems.

Optimal mounting

Moreover, we make our knowledge and experience available for the customer when he is mounting a new turbocharger. This way we guarantee optimal mounting and we reduce the chance of repeated damage.

At Turbo's Hoet / TH Turbo you can rely on getting the right information and support. Feel free to call us when you need help in making a technical diagnosis. 

Need a turbocharger ? Call us at +32 51 27 50 50 for Belgium, +31 33 247 30 90 for The Netherlands!