Number one turbo supplier for industrial machinery

Turbo's Hoet / TH Turbos quickly supplies all turbochargers from an extensive stock, for all industrial applications.  Do you prefer your turbo to be repaired? We guarantee a skilled overhaul within 24 hours and minimise your downtime.  Contact us now!

Immediate availability of industrial turbochargers, right off the shelf

To guarantee continuity Turbo's Hoet / TH Turbos quickly supplies replacement turbos from an extensive stock, even for special installations.  Such as harbour transport, transshipment of sea container ships, or cogeneration plants in greenhouse construction.  Or aggregates on places where no power is available, or emergency power systems in large office buildings, for instance, or hospitals.  Reliable turbochargers are vitally important then, more than ever.

Turbo remanufacturing within 24 hours

Do you prefer to have your own turbocharger repaired?  Turbo’s Hoet guarantees professional remanufacturing within 24 hours.  Thanks to our in-depth technical knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment and an extensive stock of original equipment parts, our mechanics deliver high-quality turbochargers.

24 months warranty

TH Turbos grants a warranty of no less than 24 months on each turbocharger.  Quality and security are very important in the industrial sector.  We understand that very well.  Our attractive warranty conditions safeguard our customers from unexpected costs.  Moreover, you can register as a TurboPartner and benefit even more.

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