Fiat Doblo

  • Launch of a new model announced for 2015!
  • Largest loading area in its segment
  • Also available in a chassis-cab version

The new Fiat Doblo is more in every way: it has more functionalities, it performs better, you get more value for your money and on top of that Fiat provides an extensive delivery program.  The Doblo comes in a version for goods transport and another one for passenger transport.

As far as functionalities are concerned, this new version disposes of 3 seats in order to make full use of the available space.  Moreover, the advanced technology on board enables the driver to drive as comfortably as possible.  The design has been revised and the van is equipped with a silent cabin, which means that the sound in the cabin equals that of a passenger car.  

On top of that, this model disposes of the largest loading area in its segment. Thanks to the autonomous bi-link suspension, this van is extremely comfortable.  The Doblo has a diesel, a petrol and a CNG-version. 

You can choose from a range of 7 different engines, a choice that you can align entirely with your mission.

Several different types have been developed :  a standard van, a maxi van, a van with a high roof, a pick-up for urban transport, ...